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Adv.Premlal Krishnan Kuniyath
Managing Partner
White Collar Offences, Company matters, Writ Petitions, Arbitration, NCLT, DRT and other civil and criminal litigation





Mr. Premlal majored in commerce from Kerala and Law from Mumbai. Started his career as practicing lawyer,  registered his mark  in Bombay High Court. He is an effective communicator with exceptional relationship management skills.    He has been appointed as one of the standing counsels for Government of India in Bombay high Court.

He is the founder of legal firm “Sreejiandlal” that rechristened as  Indialaw LLP  in the year 2011. However, in 2017 August,  Premlal started his new firm PLS Legal (Pan India Legal Services LLP). The firm advises clients on various national and international matters commercial issues including but not limited to export/import matters. He also handled Arbitrations in India and Abroad,  such as, Shipping, Aviation, EPC contracts, Real Estate players etc. 

Significant portion of Premlal’s practice is in the area of litigation. He has successfully handled numerours litigations in Mumbai High Court,  High court of Rajastan (Jaipur Bench), Kolkata, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh apart from the Supreme Court of India. He also attends Sessions and District courts, DRAT, Arbitration Tribunals, NCLT, etc. There are many reported important judgments of Bombay High Court and Kerala high Court argued by him.

Premlal has a special interest in white collar offences, recovery matters and corporate laws. Because of his special interest in Corporate Governance, he got invitation by the corporate world to serve on board of many companies. Noteworthy among them was Apple Finance Limited, a then blue chip company (2001-2003)  

Premlal played decisive role in aircraft acquisition, finance, mortgage, regulatory compliance etc., for setting up domestic airlines in Nigeria. He also independently handled mediation involving a major aircraft manufacturer in Brazil.  

Premlal penned and published many articles, noteworthy among many are as under ;

  1. Tale of Two Trials
  2. Justice or Just..Ice
  3. Kasab
  4. Mutalab

Olympia London published a fiction  “Tale of Kidnapping”   authored by Premlal in the Month of January 2022. Premlal also writes play and short stories  in Malayalam. 

From childhood he worked for various social organisations in leadership positions such as President, Secretary, Convenor etc., and proven track record as  a person with excellent organisation skills.