Key Facts of a Domestic Restraining Order

A Domestic restraining order is quite common in today’s day and is at times very necessary in order to protect one’s self, a friend, or a family member. Here are some quick tips to help you understand what a domestic restraining order is:

What Does A Restraining Order Do?

Restraining orders can create orders such as, “stay away” orders, and “move out” orders. If a restraining order is posted, a court will order a restrained party to stop from doing any of the acts talked about in the order. If there is a violation, arrest of the restrained person may occur.

Orders usually include prohibitions against attacking, stalking, or communicating with the party that petitioned for the order. This can include many forms of contact and actions. “Stay away” orders dictate a distance that must be maintained between the affected persons (often about 100 yards, although accommodations can be made). “Stay away” orders also can include restrictions on places the restrained person can go, such as the home of a spouse or the restrained person’s workplace.

Is Physical Abuse The Only Way For A Restraining Order To Be Permitted ?

Restraining orders happen when there is threatening behavior that has affected the petitioned party or by which there’s reasonable cause to believe the petitioned party may be affected. Domestic violence orders tend to include showings of emotional, psychological, and/or physical abuse.

How Long Do Restraining Orders Last?

Each case is unique, it all ultimately depends on the facts and severity of the case. Orders cannot last longer than five years, if the threat is still alive then you can petition for an extension of the restraining order.

How To Obtain A Restraining Order

In order to achieve a restraining order, you must fill out paperwork to apply for the order. The paperwork and submission process can be quite complex and tricky. Courts look for specific verbiage and facts that will dictate if they approve the petitioned restraining order. You can hire an attorney to complete this work but that will cost you a few thousand dollars. Here at United LDA we can complete your paperwork and submission for $299.99 + Court Fees + Service of Process Fee. When you hire us you will see excellent work and a high rate of success, United LDA is here for you every step of the way.

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