How to get a Gun License in India

This Article on “How to get a Gun License in India” is written by Ishita Mehta.

Getting a Gun License in India comes under the Arms Act of 1959. Civilians or citizens of India who want to own a gun are allowed to purchase only NPB guns ( Non- prohibited bore). This Act allows the civilians to get a gun license if they have a major threat towards their life.

But, how to prove the threat?

Proving threat is not a major task as it just needs the FIR ( first information report ) but, the process of obtaining Gun license in India is long.

How to get Gun License

If all these steps are fulfilled and the DCP is satisfied with the relevant information, a civilian can get a gun license after this.

Now, after getting the gun license, the customer obviously have to contact the dealer for the procurement of the gun. For this, the customer will have to book a pre-order to get the gun from any licensed shop of their choice.

Gun License forms are easily available on the website of Indian ordnance factory.

Documents required for getting the gun from the factory-

  1. Issued license with valid date and place and should be either in English or in Hindi.
  2. A photocopy of the Gun license.
  3. One copy of the NOC for the factory owner and one copy of the NOC for Police authorities. NOC is the no objection certificate(in case if the gun license is valid across India then, there is no need to provide with NOC certificate).
  4. There is also a need of transport license of the place where the factory is located.

One cannot issue letters just on the basis of the authorities but, the delivery can be permitted to the retainer only on the behalf of the customer. Now, this also requires some additional information including the name of the retainer along with the passport size picture and an authority letter signed by the retainer himself.